Fifty Shades of Porn for Women by Cheryl Moeller

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I am always interested in how we as women rationalize our sin and I certainly see myself in the reasoning at times. A seminary student told us she is going to the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie because anually she watches the Oscars. She likes to have watched each film that year, so she can… Read the full article.

To church leaders: Book a Marriage Conference to Change Your Church

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To church leaders:  Unless you are emotionally and spiritually blind to the destructiveness of porn in American society, including the church, you know you need to do something to help your congregation. Myths abound as to the harmlessness of porn and how it doesn’t stalk or imprision its victims.  We invite you to book our… Read the full article.

The State of the Marriage Union

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The State of the Marriage Union:  The 11 Lies People are Believing and Saying “I Don’t” instead of “I Do.” by Bob and Cheryl Moeller Lie 1.  Co-habitation is easier than marriage. Lie 2.  Marriage is whatever you want it to be:  man-man, woman-woman or man-woman. Lie 3.  Growing up is too difficult.  Why do it?  The eternal adolescent… Read the full article.

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Today's Marriage Minute

Forgiveness is vertical in nature. It is between you and God primarily. Forgiveness is not optional, it is commanded by God regardless of a person’s state of heart or worthiness.  Reconciliation is an entirely different matter. You can forgive someone without their changing, but you cannot be reconciled to them. The Difference Between Forgiveness and… Read the full article.