How will you finish?

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by Bob Moeller Recently we attended a Christmas banquet for the AEPCA, Association of Ethnic Pastors of Chicagoland Area, where the featured speaker was Dr. Rascher, an 80 year old professor from Moody Bible Institute who now lives in a remote corner of Oklahoma and ministers to Native Americans. Though he earned a Ph.D. in… Read the full article.

4 Garden Lessons Learned

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by Bob Moeller Just yesterday I finished spreading nine loads of mulched leaves over the 20 X 20 foot plot of earth that was my back yard vegetable garden. From the time in mid-March when I first put tiny rock hard seedlings in potted trays of soil to germinate in the front bay living room… Read the full article.

The Surprising Answer to Racial Reconciliation – The Holy Spirit

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An Essay by Bob Moeller Certainly we live in a time when people are searching for any means available to try and bridge the gulf that exists between various races in our society. Changing unjust laws, providing more economic opportunities, improving education, and engaging in more direct dialogue are all suggested. Each of these have… Read the full article.

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Today's Marriage Minute

Some spouses are tempted to believe the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.  They believe there is more love, romance or sexual thrills to be found with another partner.  The problem with this mistaken notion is that it’s completely fantasy not reality.  It’s a lie; not the truth. Author Neil Anderson… Read the full article.